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Control of 30 genes and mutations associated with the following main health areas:

  • Heart Health: cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin resistance, hypertension, coronary heart disease
  • Detoxification: various tumors such as of colon, lung, asthma, metabolism, obesity
  • Use of B vitamins: cardiovascular diseases due to increased homocysteine, thrombosis, strokes, dermatological diseases, neurological diseases, Alzheimer
  • Bone health: Osteoporosis, fractures, osteoarthritis, malignancies
  • Antioxidant : various forms of tumors, particularly of breast, asthma, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases of the eye, cataracts, obesity
  • Insulin Resistance: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes
  • Inflammation: arthritis, autoimmune diseases, dermatological diseases, Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular diseases

The package of results includes a complete personal report with instructions that indicate your specialized personal diet, and other important notices about your personal habits.