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Shows in which we have been occasionally hosted …

“Can we lose weight on vacation?”

Start watching from 1:08:14
“ONline” – SKAI TV – 01/08/2019

Losing abdominal fat

Food desire What they mean & how to deal with them (Facebook LIVE 03/04)

Foods That Do Good In The Heart / Diet And Heart Prevention (Facebook LIVE 14/02)

Cold Prevention and Nutrition (Facebook LIVE 12/01/17)

Metabolism (Facebook LIVE 15/12/16)

Introduction to the diet (Facebook LIVE 01/12/16)

Foods that boost fertility part1

Foods that boost fertility part2

Foods that act as a shield to viruses and flu

15 foods that burn fat

Detoxification after Christmas

Keep youth and lose weight

Detoxification after Christmas

Foods that are considered slimmer

Vitamin D: the anti-aging hormone

Summer Tips: Yes to water Yes to savory

Magazino live – detoxification – Maria Psoma

Foods that help to face constipation

Recipe for hummus – tips from Maria Psoma

How to lose the pounds of holidays

Detoxification and slimming

“Apple”: male-type obesity

“Eat” fat to slim

Seven-day diet against cellulite

7-day diet to defeat headaches and migraines

Drinks that burn fat

Myths and truths about bread

Seven-day diet against cellulite

Diet to boost fertility

How to lose flabs forever

Diet that boosts mood

Bread in our diet

Detox Diet – Maria Psoma

Foods that offer healthy, rich, shiny hair

How to measure body fat, Maria Psoma

Diet against retention

Maria Psoma: clever tricks to lose weight

Tips for the Lent

Basic foods during fasting

“Wake up” your metabolism and lose pounds

The “Golden Rules” for obesity

Foods that enhance eroticism

Food for weight loss

Food for weight loss

Diet before going to the beach

Crying baby – How we train our children to eat properly

Get rid of belly fat by Maria Psoma

Diet and bloating by Maria

Dietary advice from Maria Psoma

The beneficial properties of superfoods by Maria Psoma

Myths and truths of slimming, by Maria Psoma

Smart tricks to lose weight

Lose pounds during holidays without deprivation : Tips by Maria Psoma

Food for shiny hair by Maria Psoma

Made in Star 2

Nutrition – Anti-aging

Nutrition – Anti-aging 2

Made in Star

Smart tricks for slimming

Specialist in weight loss, Dr Maria Psoma speaks at on the occasion of Women’s Day

Maria Psoma is talking about transition from fasting in diet

Maria Psoma in “Mes tin Kali Chara” Show

Maria Psoma at “Proino Sou Kou”.

Chef in the  air – 23/03/2016

Home My Sweet Home-Nutrition and fertility from the Maria Psoma

Home My Sweet Home – What you need to watch at the festive table by Maria Psoma

Home My  Sweet Home | Smart nutritional solutions for the summer by M. Psoma

Dangerous diets by Maria Psoma – “Mes tin Kali Chara” Show

Proper Nutrition Tips from Mary Psoma

Foods that cause saturation by Maria Psoma

Maria Psoma  LIVE – 30/12/2013

TV spots, radio interviews and PSOMA MEDICAL WELLNESS  presentations by Dr. Maria Psoma

Maria Psoma – interview in “Erroso”  broadcast

Maria Psoma – interview in “Erroso”  broadcast

3rd American Anti-aging Conference – testimonial Dr. Maria Psoma

Maria Psoma – “Slim forever”

Maria Psoma in “Tiletheatis” magazine

“Slim Forever” – supplement in “Tiletheatis”  magazine (20.05)

ZERONA – H new method of immediate loss of points

Erroso by Dr. Maria Psoma

Erroso: Brunch

Erroso by Dr. Maria Psoma

Erroso … Be strong – 23/12/2015