The new non-invasive and 100% natural NewEndermoliftTM facial technique, after a series of treatment visits, has a profound effect on the tissue, reactivating the production of collagen and elastin fibers for immediate skin tissue regeneration and long-term anti-aging effects in men and women. The new ERGOLIFTTM treatment motor with the special motor (MPF technology) offers a total of 270% more stimulation of the skin tissue compared to the older Lift technology and can stimulate the skin tissue in 1000 different ways. The endogenous hyaluronic acid of the skin tissue

  • increases by 80%,
  • elastin increases by 46%,
  • wrinkles are smoothed by 21%,
  • the skin tightens through collagenogenesis by 23%,
  • Dark circles and bags under the eyes are reduced by 15% and 19%, respectively
    and the natural glow of the skin is restored and doubled.